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Claire is a wonderful teacher. She’s able to juggle students of different abilities and aways makes sure that everyone gets the attention they need. She progresses students as soon as they are ready; sometimes teaching challenging moves but always keeping it fun. Pole with Claire is the highlight of my week - I've progressed quickly due to her expertise and great teaching approach.

 - Helen Davis 


I have never felt anything but accepted within Claire's classes. I love coming every week as I know that her classes have a great impact upon my confidence and strength :)

 - Gemma Lawrence


Claire’s enthusiasm and passion for pole make her an amazing teacher. She is bubbly, friendly and caring towards her students. She believes in her students abilities and helps them feel confident to progress in her classes. She is able to teach students of different abilities in her class ensuring that they all feel have they have achieved something in the lesson. I always feel on top of the world after a class with Claire.

 - Anna Godfrey


Claire is always so enthusiastic and happy even before the start of the class that it just makes you want to put your smile on as well and crack on with those challenging but fun tricks, flows and combos she teaches you. She is able to make you believe in yourself even in those moments when you might not. She has her own style of dancing/teaching pole which i admire (love for building Teddy Army among other things). She is a great teacher and would recommend her class to anyone :)

 - Maarit Voitto  


Claires Pole'Ography workshop took me from being a complete beginner with absolutely no idea where to start creating a routine to having almost finished a routine I am happy with in the space of 5 weeks. The fun and safe environment allowed me to feel confident in experimenting and trying new moves so that I now feel less like I am doing a few isolated moves and more like I am dancing!

- Anonymous


Great Pole'Ography course that really helps you become a more complete dancer - great ideas on how to link different components together, and get over the fear of performing!

- Sara Nichols


After your fab Poleography course I definitely feel more knowledgeable, experienced, confident and prepared to tackle my routine performance! Thank you xxx

- Jenny Radcliffe

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